BIG Nor'Easter Aftermath

The brunt of the storm passed over the OBX early during the morning hours last night. The winds howled with gust easily over 80 knots shaking the house, and franticly swinging the pine trees in the yard. Rain poured down, and if this same setup occurred a month ago, it would have been a named Cat 1 hurricane. Though, as the system moved north the winds dropped out like a switch was thrown and blue skies appeared. By midday the air was actually quite nice with temps in the low 60s!

Down south on Hatteras Island power remains out at this time. Caleb reports being "stuck" in Buxton though eating quite well at a friend's house. A backup generator is providing power. Other unconfirmed reports note ocean overwash/flooding on Pea Island shutting off access to the southern OBX. I also heard rumor of something happening to the Oregon Inlet Bridge, but this is completely unconfirmed. Though, since a NCDOT Bridge Inspection Report from July 2004 noted the bridge scoring a 6 out of 100 in structural soundness, I would not doubt it there was a collapse.

Some photos of the Ocean soon after the winds died and the sun came out:

Ocean conditions soon after the storm vacated Nags Head

Nags Head Pier in the distance with waves breaking well outside

Visitors for Thanksgiving getting their feet wet.