Warm and Windy at Ego Beach

UPDATE: Photos Dec 1., Ego Beach. Photographer(s): Keith & Jim

The automated computer model forecasts were right on for Hatteras winds yesterday. Solid 25+ mph all afternoon with partly sunny skies and 70+ degree air temps. The Hatteras wave crew sailed at Ego Beach, across from Canadian Hole where we enjoyed overhead high set waves. All the local crew was there along with a number of visiting windsurfers. Water temp in the ocean hovered around 60 degrees so a full suit was needed, but a shortie could have been worn in the sound. The water temp on that side was much warmer than the ocean, given our warm weather week prior to yesterday.

I rigged a 4.7m Legend and lasted about 3 hrs straight until I broke my boom heading out through the whitewater late in the day. Perfect sail size for the conditions. The winds were strongest near the beach, so even though the current was ripping, it was fairly easy to get out with plenty of power inside. Outside, however, the winds appeared to lift and provided only marginally planing conditions. It was tough to stay upwind, and basically everyone did the "walk" at least once. Some folks even washed down past the Old Road, which is about a mile north of Ego Beach!

All in all, wind conditions could not be beat for December 1. Ocean conditions could have been better, likely in Salvo or Boiler, but it was still fun with plenty of hits at the lip and thrashings in the whitewater.

No photos as of yet. I actually took both my photo and video cameras, but did not shoot any footage. Too anxious to sail!