Mid January at the Cove

Rigged with no wind?!I decided to take a half day off on Friday to try for a winter Cove session. Charlie and Dan were on their way when I got the call around 10:30am. Winds were strong out of the west in the mid-20s mph range, and waves were small at waist to chest high. Given my green status for the winter, that size did not sound too bad. I loaded the 4runner and headed south. I made it out to the Cove around 12:00pm and winds were up with bright sunshine and air temps in the mid 50s. Water was in the low 60s so everything was on par for a winter windsurfing session. Dan and I rigged up, but the wind began to die. Dan made an attempt but the winds were too light. We spent the afternoon enjoying some Busch Lites on the beach while the sun shined.

Here is a short movie of my arrival...