Just Missed It!

click to enlargeToday the forecast called for warm and windy weather on the OBX, though the wind was not to last long. WindGuru and IWS computer forecasts were right-on! We awoke this morning to heavy rain and south winds gusting near 50 mph. Though, by 9:00am the rain ended and the sun began to break out. Air temps were hovering in the low 70s and south winds were holding in the 30s to 40 mph. Caleb and Dana were already at Ego Beach, when Caleb called to report head high surf conditions. I was not sure if I wanted to make the drive since the wind was forecast die off by early afternoon. By 11:00am the winds were still holding in the upper 20s and the sun was shining. I could not resist, so I decided to make the drive. I loaded the 4runner and was heading south by 11:30am.

click to enlargeI arrived at Ego beach around 12:30pm, and drove out onto the sand at the Askin's Creek launch, then proceeded south to Ego Beach. Waves were clean with set peaks breaking in the head high range on the outer bar. The bright sunshine made it look quite enticing! I was excited to get on the water, but did not see anyone out. As I arrived at Ego, I found Caleb making the gear hike upwind. He sailed on a 4.2m and reported conditions as quite fun! I parked the truck and rigged up. I chose 5.3m since the wind was dying and 4.2m would have definitely been too small. As I was rigging, Dana made an attempt, but the wind was all but gone and the current made the apparent wind even less. Caleb, Jim, and I watched as he drifted north in the current after a few super slogs. I was rigged with the 5.3m, so I decided to go for it, even though I figured I would be following Dana north in the current. Sure enough, the wind was off, and the current was on; therefore, I was also riding it north. I made it to the bar, but with no wind, and a board underwater, it was futile. The saving grace though was the water temperature. Balmy 60+ degrees made it quite nice for lounging in the soup. For me it was all about the swim, which I actually enjoyed!

All in all, I did miss it, but given the touch of early May-type weather and water conditions, made for a fun time! Even drove back to Nags Head in my trunks, no shirt , and the driver side window down!

Lets see what happens tomorrow. Similar forecast with winds coming in late rather than early. Too bad we do not have that extra hour of daylight!

Here are a few more photos from today:
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Dana heading down to the water line at Ego Beach.

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Caleb and Jim

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Today's waves in Nags Head. The surfers were loving it, though up here the water was much colder than in Avon.