Day Two of the Big April Storm

blowing sand and offshore conditions at the Foam House in Nags HeadToday again the winds roared, though this time from the west. From dawn until dusk, across the OBX the IWS wind meters rarely dipped below 30 mph and often hovered above 40 mph. Air temps were 20 degrees colder than yesterday and hovered in the mid 50s. I did not make the drive south since there was the risk of sound side flooding on Rt 12, the wavesailing call was Ocracoke, and I was busy with work commitments. I did manage an evening session at Jockey's Ridge on my 3.7m, though the winds did drop from earlier in the day and thus I probably should have rigged 4.7m. I was powered on the 3.7m and enjoyed some time in the sound side swells. Being used to the ocean however, I did notice that the sound water was much "browner" than that found on the east side of the island.

Reports from Hatteras/Ocracoke noted huge conditions on the south facing beaches. Charlie from Ride Hatteras reported 10+ ft surf at Ocracoke; though he went it alone as the rest of the wave crew remained on the beach. Not sure if there were any photos from Ocracoke. Caleb shot video of Dana at the Bath House near Frisco and reported it as being quite dramatic with huge surf and wild conditions. Soundside, I am sure there were some Reef runs and small gear on the water at Canadian Hole and other locales. Luckily, the sound side flooding of Rt 12 did not appear to happen though the day.

Tomorrow, yet again the forecast calls for strong NW winds though it should be tamer than today. I am hoping for a more northerly direction to catch it here in town, though if NW, the Boiler will fire as well. Stay tuned!

Additional photos from a little lunch time recon in Nags Head:

Conditions at the Foam House in Nags Head

Kitty Hawk Kites (Windmill Point) sailing site underwater in Nags Head

Couple of guys from Michigan at Jockey's Ridge reported overpowered on 3.7m

More flooding along the sound near Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head