SW Windy but FLAT!

Hardy a ripple of a swell on the Atlantic off the OBX today. Very aptly "Lake Atlantic" out there with minimal surf on the east facing beaches, and wind chop on the south side. For speed gurus or freestylers though, lots of SW wind though the day, especially around Waves. Perfect for soundside action! I received a number of reports from Caleb as he checked Frisco, the Point in Buxton, Avon, and Salvo Ramp, but no waves were found on the ocean side. The biggest surf he spotted was barely waist high at the Point.

I decided to stay home and work since we are on deadline with a major software release scheduled for next week. Overtime pay, anyone? Luckily yes!

Looks like there may be a strong SW event approaching this coming Friday?! If the ocean remains flat, I will likely try playing on the sandbar off Jockey's Ridge in the sound. It can produce some nice soundside waves on strong 4.7m SW winds. Nice conditions to work on my flat water forwards while I can still wear a full suit for back smacking protection!