IWS Sensor Repair at Frisco Woods Today

I'm up on the latter giving thumbs up, ready to workToday, I met Glenn Woodell at the Frisco Woods Campground to repair the IWindsurf (IWS) sensor there. It was a "training" day for me to learn how the IWS wind sensors operate, since I will be managing the stations located in Nags Head and Oregon Inlet. Our tasks were to replace a solar array, inspect the system, and attach a "day board" (diamond shaped warning sign) to the mounting pole. The Frisco Woods sensor is located about a half mile offshore in the Pamlico Sound; therefore, we required a boat and were fortunate to enlist the services of the Frisco Woods Campground crew for a water taxi. Conditions were perfect for working on the system as bright sunshine prevailed and winds were light keeping the water calm.

Here are some more photos from the service call:

Glenn opening the electronics assembly panel which contains the solar regulator, relay system, and battery.

The newly mounted solar array

Glenn mounting the new "Danger" day board.