Ocracoke Was the Call

Today, NE winds again howled across the OBX. Given the past three days of near constant 25+ mph NE wind, expectations were high for swell on the south facing beaches. The hope was for a classic Ocracoke setup. Well, we were close, but not quite there. Surf existed and ranged waist to chest high with fairly long lines in the zone. The punch though was light since it was a "high pressure" swell and the waves did not quite give us what we expected. Oh well, it was still a fun time to be out there on the water off the North End of Ocracoke. Conditions were N to NE wind in the 25+ mph range. I rigged 4.7m and was slightly overpowered on the outside; however, with the near straight offshore winds, it was light and fluky on the inside. Set waves averaged between waist and chest high, with a few shoulder high lines thrown in. Caleb, Keith, Charlie, Jim, Dan (early), Andy (late), and I were on hand for the session.

Full lot at the Hatteras Ferry DockIt was quite a trek to Ocracoke today! The ferry traffic was horrible both for the trip to Ocracoke and the return back to Hatteras Island. I guess since the east facing beaches were blown out, many vacationers decided to go sightseeing on Ocracoke. In all the years I have been traveling down to the island, today was the busiest ferry traffic I have ever seen! I waited about 1.5 hours both ways to get onto the ferry boat.

Well, there may be some leftover NE winds tomorrow so perhaps that will be the day when swell finally arrives on Ocracoke in force. Though, if ferry traffic is similar to today, it may be better to launch at Hatteras Inlet, and sail across?!

PS: I have a bunch of GoPro footage which I am working though. Stay tuned for the video to be release over the coming days!

Photos of the Day: (photographers: Keith M, Jim M, Martine M)
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Finally made it to Ocracoke after waiting in the ferry line for what seemed like forever!

Keith with a little air time!

Charlie at the lip!

Caleb with some air off the lip!

Bill with a hit!

Keith with a nice floater!

Keith working on his Goiters?!