Day One at Ego Beach

Day One of the NE wind event began at Ego Beach, across from Canadian Hole. Caleb, myself, and a few visiting sailors ventured into the waist to overhead high messy conditions. Air temps hovered in the mid 60s with water a balmy 75+ degrees! It definitely felt nice to go down in the soup, at least to warm up from the wind chill.

a victim of Ego BeachI began on my 4.7m, but as the wind increased, and my sail got trashed by a big wave hit, I later rigged down to 4.2m. My 4.7m has joined the ranks of destroyed gear at Ego after getting pummeled by a sizable hit from a pitching whitewater section. Good timing though since it was time to rig down to 4.2m!

Some of the crew sailed Old Lighthouse Beach, while others ventured to Ocracoke. All in all, not too bad of a day, except for my broken gear!
Tomorrow, I will have to pack my backup sails, since all my Legends are off-line.

GoPro Video Report:
Note: The new angle I tried for big forward loops did not record. Kind of bummed since I had two big high flying rotations, but the file containing the footage did not take! Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

NE is Locked In!

Today begins our OBX three day NE extravaganza! The forecast is calling for strong NE though Tuesday with cooler air temps; however, water temps remain in the mid 70s! Current IWS wind meters, as of 9:30am, are reporting winds in the upper 20s gusting over 30mph. Should be a fun couple of days.

Hopefully, there will be a swell that wraps to the south side?!

If you are here on the OBX and want to find out where the crew will be sailing, check the OBX Beach Life Discussion Forum, or send me an email!

Stay tuned for the coming videos/photos, and if you can join us, I could mount an extra GoPro on your rig as well!