Ego Beach Earned Its Name Today!

The gear sacrifices were plenty today as strong SW winds and a sizable ocean swell visited Avon. Ego Beach was the call with prime side-off conditions. A number of sails were shredded as the heavy inside wave made the trek out a timing effort. I was lucky and came out unscathed after a number of launches during the day, and some down time on the inside. Ego's wave offered sizable top to bottom pitching sections, but the sets were quite clean though fast and steep. You had to have your timing game down just right to avoid being pummeled. Classic Ego Beach style!

Many of local kiteboarding pros joined us in the waves. There were actually more kiteboarders in the water than windsurfers, but the wave setup was perfect for their riding style. Fast, big critical hits, and plenty of kite power on the inside barreling wave, made for some exciting kite riding action!

All in all, it was a fun Friday afternoon 4.7m wavesailing session! I do not have any photos or GoPro footage, but with all the Ego Beach action today (both kiteboarding and windsurfing), along with the large spectator crowd, there are bound to be some shots posted online soon. If I find any, I will let you know!