Belated Birthday Gift From the Hatteras Wind Gods!

UPDATE: Feb 1, 2009 - Photos from the day by Yana, check them out!

Well, as of yesterday I am now 39 years young! It was a day late, but my gift arrived today with strong, warm SW wind (two years ago, I had a fun sesh on my birthday!)! The call was Ego Beach, and I headed south around 1:30pm. Andy, Keith, Caleb, and Jim K were out on the windsurfing rigs while Lane, Brian, and Nadia kept the kites aloft above the surf! It was a fun sesh, but I was totally green out there since it has been nearly four weeks since my previous sesh, and booties are something I have not worn in a number of years. The water was ice cold and hovered in the mid 40s. However, the air was balmy near 65 degrees so the 100 Rule was likely met. Actually, it felt great to be out there today even if I was not riding my A game, and everyone had fun enjoying the winter-time Ego Beach surf. Waves hovered in the chest high range with a few head high sets. Inside current was really ripping in sections, but there were also some calm spots. The outer bar began to break after low tide, providing some nice sections. Wound 4.7m was the call during most of the sailing.

Lane and Yana were snapping shots, so if I come across some, I will post. In the mean time, here are a few I snapped while wrapping up for the day.

Ready to derig and pack up at the Canadian Hole parking lot soundside across from Ego beach.

"Winter Rocks!" The title of the new April 2009 Windsurfing Magazine. Definitely check out the Hotshots to find a full page shot of Keith on the Kite Point speed slick! Congrats Keith for the ride, Lane for the shot, and thx WS for the full page Hatteras photo coverage!