A Looplicious April Wrap!

April is over, and what an OBX windsurfing month! We had many windy days with plenty of time spent blasting around on the small stuff! April opened with big surf and excellent wavesailing, hummed along with lots of 5.0m and a few more intense sessions, and wrapped with a summer like heat wave and a quasi-Bermuda High! I say "quasi" since the real Bermuda Highs will be here in June!

All in all, an excellent month with plenty of sailing time to work out the kinks and get back into the groove! Looking ahead to May, a windy SW weekend is forecast to launch the month, and heck there may even be some surf out there tomorrow along with the forecast 25+ mph afternoon SW winds?! We also have the HWFS Hatteras Wave Jam LoopClinic 102 and Jammer LoopOff competitive event on schedule coming mid-month! The LoopOff will be the spectator event of the Spring season with plenty of "aerial artistry!" Be there to "see" it as well as "fly" it!! : )

Here is a little GoPro Wide Report from a Looplicious Sesh last Saturday (April 25):

If you have trouble viewing the video, see direct link.