June Wrap and Summer Outlook

June is a wrap and has been kind of a let down compared to past years for summer OBX high wind windsurfing. We have had a few days, however, over the past years that I have been tracking month to month sessions, this year is the first where we did not have a solid Bermuda High (BH) producing consecutive days of windy weather.

Some highlights from the month included the opening wind and wave offering for the Real Triple-S. Definitely a major score for the event with strong 25+ mph SW wind and head high surf! The mid-month swell which produced a week of fun surf was also key for June Atlantic fun.

All in all though, June in previous years (2007, 2008) offered much better summer high wind windsurfing, as compared to this year. Well, we are now into July, which fortunately can be a windy month if a BH sets up over the coming days/weeks, or a tropical system forms nearby?! Be sure to check out Jeff Masters July Hurricane Outlook.