Punta San Carlos, Its a Wrap!

I am back on the OBX after 8 days at PSC. The trip was my second to PSC and my first hosted at the all inclusive SoloSports Camp. Though our overall wavesailing conditions were not PSC standard, we enjoyed an excellent time at the camp and had a ton of fun mountain biking, surfing, SUPing, and windsurfing. There was even a radio controlled glider show hosted by Rodney and Neil, our camp hosts!

Another unique and memorable experience was the single engine plane flight from Brown Field near the Mexico border, to PSC. The low flying at 200 ft AGL (50ft in Mike's plane) over the Mexican coastline and dirt strip landing at PSC were experiences which really added the word "adventure" to the trip! A future post will highlight the SoloSports Fly-in Experience, including commentary, more photos and video!

All in all, an excellent experience and highly recommended! As Matteo, visiting from the Gorge, said: "At PSC, you simply 'be.'" That's likely the best way to describe the experience! It was awesome to meet new people from around the world whom I now call friends, and share the state of "being" only found at a place like PSC.

Until the next trip!

A few more pics shot by Clark Merritt, and the plane ride view by Konrad from Belgium during his flight down: