Remarkable Devastation... Rt 12 at Mirlo/S-Turns Ravaged by Friday the 13th Nor'easter

Caleb Jacobs sent these remarkable images of the Friday the 13th Nor'easter devastation to Route 12 at S-Turns just north of Rodanthe. We all knew it would be bad down there, but the way the road is literally destroyed lays credit to the power of the ocean. Likely, Rodanthe and Avon will be cut off for some time as the aftermath kicks in. Ironically, this storm was really not the worst the OBX experiences, yet given the destruction of the S-Turns dune line the week prior by a relatively minor NE blow, and the literal naked beating of the area again over the past few days, there is not much left... To add additional injury to the mess, more NE wind is forecast for start of the week! Good luck NC DOT!!

Amazing the Nights in Rodanthe House, Serendipity remains standing out in the ocean's wash. That place is going to fall soon, and all its material will litter the beaches as does all the other ocean front properties which have fallen to the surf. If anything, be careful if you head out into the zone, or even a casual beach walk; not for the pounding Hatteras bombers, but rather that decking or roof truss with nails sticking out of it!! Actually, all these houses which are in the water, and condemned to fall, should simply be demolished in a controlled manner to prevent the littering of the beaches. On a calm sunny day, Serendipity should simply be brought down and hauled away, rather than allowing the Atlantic to do the job.

More Images from South Nags Head to Hatteras Island:
Dramatic shot sent in from Dale Bendula highlighting the storm surge in Buxton.