OBX Surf Has Returned!

Following a relatively flat month of June in the surf dept, yesterday a solid ENE swell arrived and provided some excellent surf conditions across the east facing beaches.  Minimal wind kept the surf butter smooth, and for the surfing community, they could finally enjoy some fun conditions in warm 70+ degree H2O!  Of course, my interest is with the Sealion, and as forecast late afternoon SSE seabreezes kicked in to around 10 to 15 mph, it was time to head out to catch some of those waves with a sail rig in hand and a strapless Lion under my feet!

I hit it again at Conch St in Nags Head.  An excellent outer sand bar set up at to the north and south of Conch provided the playground.  Surf ranged in the waist to chest + on the sets and were breaking with crumbly consistency on the outside.  The shorepound was heavy, but with the right spot (shorepound in one small stretch of beach can be completely different just a few yards away!), and a little timing, I was out without getting my t-shirt or hair wet.  Traversing the inside was a piece of cake on the Sealion.  The board simply floats over whitewater with minimal wind in the sail.  A few times I was bobbing out though an incoming set ranging chest + in size and I had no worries as the board simply leaps over whitewater.  Even breaking waves just in front of me were not a problem as the board raced over the whitewater with minimal wind in the sail.

I caught wave after wave, lip after lip with a smile on my face the entire time!  Definitely a perfect way to end the day as I started my sesh around 5:30pm after finishing up the work day.

My truck is currently offline as I await a few parts to be delivered, thus I had my wife's car to haul my kit over to the beach!  Look at that, you can even fit the SeaLion inside a Mini-Cooper!

Fun times!!