Labor Day and Arrival of Hurricane Katia Swell

Labor Day saw the arrival of long period SE swell from Hurricane Katia. Building surf though the afternoon provided FUN conditions with the perfect setup at Coquina Beach (just south of Nags Head) of SSW wind and long period (14 sec) swell in the 6 ft range. In the wave zone, the surf was very nice with meaty peaks and soft rights as the sets rolled in. In between the sets, the ocean sat down flat as the sound waters for dry hair on the way out while slogging though the surf zone.  Shorebreak was nil as Coquina has a really nice slope to the bar which keeps the energy there rather than dumping on the beach.  There was a little bit of current but no flowing river effect.  I was the solo wavesailor on the water; however, a number of the local kite crew were out enjoying the conditions. Winds ranged in the upper teens/low 20s, therefore, I was nicely powered on the 2011 Quatro Twin 92 (Tempo) and a 5.3m! Fully powered on the outside, and on the swell provided for perfect power on the wave ride!

All in all, there were memories of the epic Hurricane Bill Coquina sesh in my mind; however, the swell was a little smaller thus those outside gentle mountains as was found during Bill back in 2009 were a little more like rolling hills for Katia. Great sesh though yesterday, and likely the best wave riding for me yet this year! Only drawback was that as the session progressed, the wind switched more SW thus near straight offshore which made it a little more difficult. No worries though, with the bright sunshine, warm water, and perfect conditions, it was a definite FUN time!

Too bad no other wavesailors were there to join in! Perhaps today though, may be a repeat with even bigger swell! Get on it!

One pic from my point and shoot shot by Sherry Waller (nice timing on the trigger Sherry!). Yana had to work a double yesterday so she could not make it out with her big telephoto and tripod!