Was it Mid-May Last Week?!

This morning, we are back to cold air and sunny skies.  Yesterday we had warmth but it was coupled with rain, fog, and not very inviting weather (though perhaps it was not bad once wet?!).

Last week however, we took a step into mid-May.  Warm air, sunny skies, warm water (ocean temps in mid 60s!) and wet sails!  I trekked down to Avon last Sunday (Dec 22) and caught a fun solo sesh at Rmp 27.  The crew was at Rm 34 though the wave there was a little heavy for the Sealion with lots of top to bottom peaks breaking at various spots and a warbly inside.  As seen in past similar scenarios, a move north a few ramps cleans the wave and inside providing a nice right down a long continuous line .  Wind was quite light even for the Lion, but caught a few fun waves and spent some time in the soup with a few denials.  All in all though, with the warm water, it was quite enjoyable!
Shot of the break at Rmp 27 with clean inside an outside bar

 The next day (Monday, Dec 23) offered more wind allowing the standard kits to take the action at Rmp 34.  The peaky/warbly conditions are no problem for the standard fare and the crew had a fun time down there enjoying warmth both above and below water!  I missed that sesh with work and drive north for the holiday.  Perhaps there will be more into the New Year?!