Hey, I'm in Windsurfing Magazine?!

I have not seen the latest issue yet, but I have heard that I am in with about a half page piece which includes a few photos, and even the link for this blog. Check it out at your local magazine rack. Unfortunately, I cannot find it sold anywhere here in Nags Head, yet last time I was in DC, I found it in nearly every Borders or Barnes and Noble magazine section. Though, I know it can be found down south in Avon at some of the windsurfing shops. I guess Charlie or someone from down south will need to bring me up a copy, unless I can get down there sooner.

I have not been down to Avon in a while since all the windsurfing action has been on Pea Island (south of Oregon Inlet). These SW days and the waves to be found at Boiler or S-Turns can't be beat!

PS: If this is your first visit to "Bill's OBX Beach Life," and you found it from Windsurfing Magazine, post a comment and let me know!


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Hey Bill, love the blog (yep, saw it in Windsurfing Magazine). I'm glad to find another digitally enthusiastic windsurfer. My buddies and I windsurfed the Outer Banks in March, staying for a week in Avon - if we weren't on the water we were in the hot tub with beers. We were mostly in the sound, but hit up the ocean one nasty day, near Ego Beach. A mast and 2 sails were destroyed that day, but I won't mention any names...


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