AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Scored!

Wow, what an event!  All divisions have been run and conditions were excellent for a Hatteras wavesailing competition!  Ranging classic Lighthouse for the Pros with mast+ set bombers and action captured in photos and video unseen before in Hatteras, to south side clean lines of chest+ set surf for all other divisions, Tuesday and Wed delivered the goods for awesome exposure of when it is on fire here on the islands.

Here is one of the most impressive run at lip I have ever seen in Hatteras! Go Boujma Guilloul on this epic shot!  Interestingly, coming off the lip, he was completely engulfed in whitewater where nothing but white was seen from the beach.  Then suddenly he appeared out ahead of the mountain of white with sail in hand and recovered.  He continued the ride into "no mans land" where he spent some time recovering; however, with this first hit, it was the most impressive perhaps seen in Hatteras!  Epic!

All in all, see the AWT web site for the latest news and final results for all divisions!  Killer event and stoked for all that make it out here to catch classic "on fire" Hatteras wavesailing conditions!  Also big shout out to Sam Bittner for leading the AWT again this year, and Andy McKinney at Wind-NC for supporting another excellent year as title sponsor for the tour stop!


The AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Sept 21-26

Hatteras Wave Jam 2015 is on again this year as the top/only US East Coast windsurfing wave competition and Tour stop for the 2015 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) The AWT is the premier US/International windsurfing tour featuring stops on the mainland US west/east coasts, Maui, Baja, and Peru.  Five years running, the AWT features the best national/international wavesailing talent at all levels of competition.  The AWT Hatteras Wave Jam is the pinnacle of US East Coast wavesailing action and is set to return again to Hatteras Island for our prime surf season in mid/late September!

From Tour Director Sam Bittner:
Hello Team Hatteras Wave Jam!
We are all looking forward to making the trip to beautiful Avon.  Invite your friends to come! The more the merrier :) This year we will be prepared to include SUP if the wind is light for part of the time so be sure to bring your boards. Windsurfing entry includes SUP entry but if anyone wants to only join SUP, the price is $50 for the week.  Contest will run - Saturday condition dependent.

Here is the week's evening schedule:

Sunday, September20th: Wind-NC for opening/registration/check in: 6-8pm with beer and food.

Monday, September 21th: Open Night

Tuesday, September 22nd: Sunset SUP at Ocean Air with Cocktails

Wednesday, September 23rd: Pot Luck Dinner at AWT House in Avon. Address TBA.

Thursday, September 24th: Open night

Friday, September 25th: Closing party at Ocean Air with food, beer, prizes and awards.

Dreaming of wind and waves :) 


More FUN Wave Sailing Conditions in Nags Head!

Not sure what is up this year, but we have been seeing a lot of SSE/S wind opportunities with strongest conditions north of Oregon Inlet.  I have been out near daily "in town" catching great surf and sail conditions at both Bladen and Enterprise Streets in Nags Head.  Many days were on the Sealion, but a few have been on the standard kit as well!
Yesterday was likely one of the best where a solid surf swell was hitting along with moderate S wind!  I was, as usual, solo on my standard windsurfing kit, though a few surfers were in the lineup enjoying the head+ set peaks and average waist+ action.  Warm water and lots of sun made it one of the best "in town" wavesailing days yet this year.

Though no sailing available in this clip, you can get a glimpse of the surf break and my surprise at seeing one of the bigger sets roll in as soon as I started filming the report!


Days of SSE Winds and a Decent Swell Serve Up Fun In Nags Head!

Over the past week, the predominant OBX weather pattern has been SSE/S wind and a decent sized swell in the water ranging waist+ throughout most of the period.  I have been catching daily "extended lunch break" sessions at Bladen St in town where a decent outside sandbar currently exists.  Conch St has not been working as well as past years, thus focus has shifted to Bladen as well as Enterprise.  Both of these spots primarily work on SSE or S, as SSW will be very sheltered.  However, on the SeaLion, this is not a problem.  There have been a few days where the standard kit did work, and I was even able to pop a few rare "in-town loops" off an approaching swell; however, most of the sessions have been SeaLion only.

The surf over the past week has been quite fun with a peak this past Sunday.  Unfortunately, during the peak, SE winds were minimal even for the SeaLion, and the water was unseasonably cold (low 50s).  I did catch a late session Sunday following the tide switch that brought in warmer water, but it was only a few waves, though fun in size and power..., of course, trunks only!

All in all, there has been plenty of in town action given all these days of SSE/S wind with strongest conditions north of O Inlet.  Hopefully, things turn on down South and we see a "classic" Bermuda High lock into place with strong SSW winds daily!  Of course, I have to juggle the time to get down south of the bridge, but at least I have been able to catch some fun stuff up in town lately!


Trunks Only in Nags Head!

Great weekend for water time!  Caught a FUN Sealion session in Nags Head at Conch St near the BrewThru at Jockeys Ridge.  Surf was relatively small in the waist high range with chest+ peaks on the sets; however, the bars were breaking nicely outside with a 9 second period coming in.  Wind was perfect with slightly side off in the mid-teens range.  Lots of wave rides, fun turns, lip hits, and other action in surprisingly warm water.  Trunks and a 2 mil top was all that was needed.  No images as I was solo but if you are in town, or if its too side on down south, its worth checking out!