Mid-April Wave Action In Hatteras!

Its been going off in Hatteras over the past week! Strong S and NE wind, killer wrap swell, and beefy leftovers, and lots of visiting crew in town to catch it.  Of course, first off, I have missed most of it as I was out of town during the NE window where all the action happened on the south side with killer wrap swell.  However, I did catch the kick off S and follow though SSW with very fun surf conditions in Nags Head riding the trusty SeaLion. 

Today, following the past 6 days of nuking NE wind, the wind switched SSW and really cleaned up the surf.  From Nags Head to Avon, Surfline was all green with excellent conditions breaking on the outside bars.  I caught it at Conch St in Nags Head riding the Sealion.  Surprisingly, no surfers or SUPs were out and I enjoyed the surf all to my self.  Down south in Avon, the local crew caught it at Rmp 38 and Keith posted this killer pic riding backside on the Sealion on logo high bomber! 
(photographer:  Rick Eustis)
Over the weekend, the South side was firing and the action was scored at Izzy's and the Washout down near Hatteras Inlet (location of the 2013 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam contest).  Caught this shot of Charlie in for one of those classic looooong line setups with wrap swell firing!
See more of the south side action here!

All in all, a killer mid-April Hatteras wave jam!  Welcome relief following completion of taxes for 2013!


AWT 2014 Kickoff!

Stoked for another year of the American Windsurfing Tour and the upcoming Hatteras Wave Jam scheduled September 15 - 20, 2014.  Its going to be another awesome year of windsurfing action spanning locales from Hawaii, US West Coast, Mexico, Peru, and of course, Hatteras!  Damn, I wish I had the time to follow the complete Tour (if only this was going on before 2005 when I "settled down!").  Oh well, we can all enjoy the Tour stops online with excellent coverage though the event windows.  Of course, I will be there for the Hatteras stop!

2014 American Windsurfing Tour is on! Lets Go! from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.


2013 MauiSails Legends for Sale

Its that time of year with the Hatteras 2014 windsurfing season set to launch into full swing as the northerly migration of windsurfers swings down this way for warm winds and "warming" water.

With arrivals of the 2014s coming in soon (switching to Mutants), my 2013s are now on the market for sale! The  MauiSails Legend is an excellent line that I have rode while a Team Rider since 1997. The design is excellent and all aspects of the sail are top notch!

2013 5.3m Legend:  $350  (orange) (excellent condition)
2013 4.5m Legend:  $325  (red) (excellent condition)
both for $650!

contact if interested!


Hatteras Wavesailing in Images - 2013

Keith McCulloch put together this nice photo montage of Hatteras wavesailing throughout 2013.  Many fun days of warmth, sun, sand, and decent surf!

Windsurfing Hatteras 2013' Slide Show from cnckeith on Vimeo.


Hatteras Loopfest 2014?!

For those who have been following this blog for a while, waaaay back in 2008 we started a rebirth of Hatteras windsurfing events with the inaugural Hatteras LoopFest 2008. The event was a huge success with local and industry sponsorship support along with participating windsurfers from Florida to New England. George Markopoulos took home the grand prize with a successful loop commit captured on GoPro video; while Keith McCulloch was crowned "Loop King" winning the LoopFest Loop-Off held at Ego Beach. 2008 was a long time ago and now/upcoming in 2014 (late Spring/Early Summer) is it time for LoopFest again!

Who is Ready to Rotate!?! 

Event video from 2008!

More from LoopFest 2008!