Sunday in Ocracoke

click to enlarge - Danzig coming in for a break in the actionToday, we had a fun NE session on the north end of Ocracoke Island. Winds were blowing in the upper 20s with gusts over 30 all afternoon. Bright sunshine and air temps in the upper 50s required full wetsuits; however, the water was quite warm hovering in the mid 60s. Surf was small and averaged in the waist high range, with occasional bigger sets. It would have been nice if the waves were a little bigger; even if most of the crew is still winter green. At least it would have been easier to pick the set lines on the outside. I rigged my 4.7m Legend and sailed straight for about 4 hours. I'm feeling the effects now though, as I type this report, with sore hands and shoulders. All in all, not bad for the end of March and hopefully a welcoming precursor for April.
Though, will there still be a few more March days yet to come?!

Here are some more photos from today:
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The Ocracoke windsurfing north end beach camp

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Caleb rigging up his World Surge sail

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Took this shot by accident, but thought the reflection on the sand was kind of cool!

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The zone with a few of the crew in action

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Finished and heading back to find pavement. Note the windtracks still racing across the blowing sand!


At 12:30 PM, Blogger EC said...

what you talking about fool?
I had dinners with the crazy kannooks and didn't get off the island until 9:30ish... Mate it home @ 3am and was @ work by 9:30am...

You need a reality check or better yet get in shape...

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Yea, actually I am in better shape than years' past since we had a sailable winter.

Note though in the 4+ hours on the water that day, I only came in once..., and who was the last off the water?? I was searching and searching for those chest high waves Charlie was reporting!

I guess I need to see the video.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger EC said...

forecast looks good for friday-sunday.... noaa graphical forecast calling for a tad bit more than 15-20, nw flow....could ocracoke surprise us?

can't wait to deal with wknd traffic... might have to downtown for dinner and hit road at 11pm to avoid any and all traffic...

Watch 64, last time down, count over 25+ staties on east bound lane only... Insane, never had it that bad... Thank you Valentine 1 !


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