Afternoon NE Wind but Small Surf

NE wind was on tap today, though small surf prevailed. At Old Lighthouse Beach conditions were reported as small in the knee to waist high range and not too enticing. On the south facing beaches, Hatteras Turnout was clean but small with plenty of wind shadow near the surf break. Hatteras Inlet found marginal surf, and fairly strong current killing the inside apparent wind. Given these conditions on Hatteras Island, Charlie and I decided to make a late day ferry ride to Ocracoke.

Conditions at the north end of Ocracoke included small waist high surf, mid-20 mph NE wind, and water temps pushing 80 degrees. I rigged 5.3m, mounted the GoPro and headed out. I mounted the camera on the boom head; however, the angle did not quite work. The field of view was off to the side, resulting in not much to see except water. I also mounted the camera on my ankle to attempt a board deck close up clip; however, the footage did not take. I must not have correctly pressed one of the buttons on the camera. All in all though, conditions were not too exciting given the small surf/wind swell. Perhaps side-on conditions on the east facing beaches may have been more fun given the jump potential?! Next time if the surf is small and winds are NE, I may try sailing on the east facing beaches, at least to get some quality air time!

The OBX windsurfing good news is more wind in the forecast for this week! Hopefully, we may also see some ocean swell?!

GoPro Video Report:

Sunset on the ferry while returning to Hatteras from Ocracoke


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bill, thanks for the vm on HI. didn't have the time to make the run south so we ended up at the lighthouse at 5pm..and wind picked up.. chest high waves that were surprisingly clean and even wind on the inside..Jim and I sailed till after 7.. backflops and offthe lips on everyrun.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Bummer for me! I guess the conditions picked up from earlier in the afternoon at Old Lighthouse Beach since early afternoon reports noted very small stuff... I think that next time it is NE, I am going to bank on Old Lighthouse Beach if the swell is small since at least there will be jump potential at that spot. South side/Ocracoke is fantastic if there is moderate to large swell, but if it is small, I will take the side-on conditions found on the east facing beaches.

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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