BIG NE Wind and Surf - The Wave Kite Crew SCORED!!

The Hatteras Atlantic is now calming after a pounding over the past few days! Throughout most of last week, strong NNE winds blanketed the islands. Coupled with a strong low pressure system offshore, the swell rose considerably creating big surf including south side wrap across the islands! The swell began to hit last Thursday, and peaked Friday. The wave kite crew caught the epic conditions with some radical action captured!

Check these out! (click image to open gallery)
photo: Dimitri Maramenides, Epic Kites

photo: Dimitri Maramenides, Epic Kites

photo: Lane DuPont

photo: Lane DuPont

On the windsurfing side, Keith McCulloch reported solo session at the North End, Ocracoke on Friday and some big conditions. I caught it at South Beach, Ocracoke on Thursday in much smaller conditions as compared to what Lane and the kite crew caught a day later on Friday! All in all, a wild ride for those who made it out, and also the DOT road crews who battled the overwash experienced at multiple spots along Rt 12 on Hatteras Island!


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Tom Taubenheim said...

Man those are some awesome waves! Cool. You've got a great blog. Nice to read about the fun water sports at OBX!


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