Central Command

Ok, after thinking about the previous post, I thought to myself... do you all really want to read about rigging?? Probably not, you are more interested in what's going on here on the OBX.

Well let me tell you. Its pretty windy! IWS is already reporting SW in the mid 20s in Waves...! Perhaps a later session at S-turns is on tap. Lets just hope there is some surf out there...?!

The reason I titled this post "Central Command" is that during days when the wind is up, I usually receive calls from the crew inquiring about wind speed and location around the island. Often, winds can vary significantly from one location to the next. IWindsurf is a great online reference for real-time wind speed data across the OBX.

OBX island radar, satellite, and wind field overview courtesy of IWS. Excellent data for choosing where to sail.


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