1st Friday in Manteo

Last night was the first Friday in August, and on Roanoke Island in the town of Manteo, local business owners celebrate "1st Friday" on the waterfront. The event occurs on the first Friday of every month through December from 6:00-8:00pm. Music, food, drink, games, even a clown is on hand for celebrating the first of the month. Local businesses in the area open their doors with spreads of food and drink. Its a fun time to get together with friends and meet new people.

Last night, we met Charlie (Ride Hatteras), his girlfriend Amanda, Carlos and his wife, and Jeff and friends for the event.

Here are a few more pics (not best quality since taken with my camera phone):

The bluegrass band playing at the Manteo town center.

A view from the main street looking towards the waterfront

Another shot of the bluegrass band

The boat building museum. Note, if you are interested in sailing lessons, they are offered at the museum. With a museum membership and successful sailing course, you also get access to sail the boats there when ever you like


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