First Windsurfing Day in August

Yesterday we had our first day of strong winds on the OBX. Salvo Ramp was the spot during the early evening when winds averaged in the mid to upper 20s with gusts over 30. The surf conditions were disorganized, and ranged at chest high. I sailed at the Boiler where the surf was cleaner but smaller. Also the wind was lighter and hovered in the low to mid 20s range. I was powered on my 5.3m but if I would have been at Salvo Ramp, I could have easily been on my 4.7m. Boiler was "ok" and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would have given it a 5 for the day. Salvo would have probably been a 6.5.

Today, nothing is forecast; however, Thursday though Saturday could be interesting as TS Ernesto approaches the OBX.

The photo for this post is the outside sign for the Beach Road Grille in Nags Head. This place has excellent burgers and is a choice place to go for some chow and a few brews after a wavesailing session. Charlie, Steve (visiting from Portland, OR), and I stopped by there last night for a burger and beer after sailing on Pea Island. It is the only restaurant left on the ocean side and has a fun local atmosphere with all sorts of characters at the bar. If you are in the mood for an excellent burger and a brew, check this place out! Note, this place used to be the old Mulligan's, but the new Mulligan's sold out and is now a tourist trap. Avoid that place, and stick with the Beach Road Grille!


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