More Surfing this Past Weekend

Following the moderate NE conditions we experienced Friday and Saturday, the surf cleaned yesterday for some fun beginner rides on the south facing beaches of the OBX. Lauren and I, along with friends Josh, Carolyn, and Ellie from Washington DC, enjoyed an excellent beach camp day off Ramp 50 near the Frisco Airstrip. Light offshore breezes and a small swell produced perfect beginner and boogie board waves on the shallow sandbar. Everyone had an awesome time during this perfect OBX beach day.

Later that evening, we enjoyed an excellent seafood dinner at Josh and Carolyn's rental house in Avon, and finished off the night with a beach bonfire. We witnessed a number of shooting stars and a couple of satellites flying around in the night sky. Very cool!

Here are some shots from the day:

Boogie boarders having a fun time in the waves!

Lauren displaying her "safe!" wave riding form.

Ellie's first time on a surfboard!

Lauren after a day of surfing in the warm water and sun

The beach camping clan, Josh, Ellie (top), Carolyn, and Lauren, and my 4runner in the back


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