We Ate Well This Past Weekend

This past weekend there was no wind, and the waves were marginal; however, the food was excellent! Will detail dinner in a second, more on the beach. Both Saturday and Sunday, the water was perfect for enjoying time in the ocean. Light onshore breezes blew the warm Gulf Stream water into the shoreline boosting water temps to over 80 degrees. Crystal clear water visibility and bright sunshine made for a perfect display of what was happening under the waves. While surfing yesterday, my buddy Tony and I saw a dark mass on the water. We paddled to it and saw a huge school of fish below us. Also, while paddling out you could see hundreds of tiny fish in the cresting wave...it was quite cool! Those here for the beach this past weekend scored a jackpot!

Back to food...Lauren's brother was in town visiting us for the weekend. He is quite the chef and Lauren and he cooked an awesome meal last night. Spaghettini with seafood in homemade marinara was amazingly excellent along with Lauren's chocolate fallen cake dessert. Here are some photos of what you missed for dinner last night!

Preparation for Lauren's tasty dessert

Lauren and her brother Peter busy at work in the kitchen

Check out that seafood marinara...lots of mussels

Lauren filling the ramekins with her chocolate dessert

Lauren and Peter ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor...


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey....i'm serving her! looks like she is starving :o)

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trust me...I didn't stave, in fact..I think I may have to get in about a week of surfing to work off those calories!!! yummmmmm. : )


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