Weekend Vacation in DC

Not too much action here on the OBX forecast for the next few days. Therefore, Lauren and I will be taking a "vacation" trip to Washington DC. I will be able to view the new corporate office in Arlington on Friday, and we will be able to spend some time with friends up there. Have a few hip DC parties to attend too!

Though, there may be some SW winds forecast for Sunday, we will be back by then. If it happens, I will be here. Though some of the Hatteras wave crew are also travelling. Charlie is searching for wind at the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, and Caleb is visiting family in New York. I will keep an eye out for camera phone shots submitted by Charlie from the Gorge if anything is happening out there, and post them here.

August is an ideal month to leave the OBX for the diehard windsurfer since there is usually not too much wind during this span of 31 days. Once September gets here though...everyone will be back!


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