Went Roadsailing Today....

Tonight, as the winds continued to increase though the afternoon, reported by the IWS wind meters in Waves, I decided to take my chances and make the drive south around 5:40pm, EST. Unfortunately, the winds were not quite up to windsurfing spec, at least for sailing my largest sail which is 5.3m. Additionally, the waves were flat. If there was a wave out there, similar to last week..., I probably would have rigged and slogged out for the returning wave ride in; however, no such luck. Therefore, I had a nice drive down though Pea Island in the topless 4runner.

Tomorrow, perhaps there will be some wind; however, it is also "1st Friday" in Manteo, on Roanoke Island. Lauren and I will be heading over to meet Charlie, Amanda, Jeff, and others for the street party from 6:00-8:00pm.

See you there?


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