Old Hatteras Lighthouse Action Today!

That is a train ride Keith is on! - click to enlargeBut not for me, Bummer!! It looked awesome, and though yesterday was a fun first session for the new GoPro Hero, today would have been its defining moment! Damn, work was at the forefront today since a software release is scheduled for next Friday, so timing is tight. Oh well, there will be more days coming soon, I am sure...this is the OBX! However, these photos look pretty sweet!

Well, I am glad Keith and Caleb caught it! I heard that some of the crew made the trek to Ocracoke early to bypass Dr Beach's "America's Best Beach" traffic. Conditions were reported as waist to chest high and clean on the south facing beaches. Though definitely smaller than at Old Lighthouse Beach!
Note, ferry traffic to Ocracoke yesterday had a four hour wait at the Hatteras dock! All ferry lines were full along with vehicles lined down Rt 12! Lots of people going to visit America's Best Beach!

To sum up the on-site report at Old Lighthouse Beach today, here is Keith's email update:
light wind on the inside... 5.3 on the outside..
almost no wind right where the wave was breaking..
several long 8 turn rides...from the jetty to lifeguard beach.

all photos by Peter Lewando
more pics:

Keith M at the bottom turn into a nice overhead high wave!

Keith M with a top turn cutback and re-entry

The old Hatteras Lighthouse jetty looks pretty intimating

Wipe out!

Forgot about this photo...hanging around above the surf?


At 8:55 AM, Blogger PeconicPuffin said...

YEAH that jetty looks intimidating! That'll put a nick in your fin.


The Peconic Puffin


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