Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results:
What is your dream windsurf maneuver?
Forward Loop: 11 votes (33%)
High Speed Planing Jibe: 7 votes (21%)
Back Loop: 6 votes (18%)
Honorable Mention: "not falling off the board"

The Forward Loop appears to be the dream choice of windsurfing tricks you wish you could do. Interestingly, this maneuver is probably the easiest of all the moves listed in the poll to physically complete; however, the mental barrier is what sets it apart. One comment in the the Landed the Forward Loop post noted that "...is the benchmark aerial maneuver...sets the bar...Only a few sailors..." seemed excessive in noting the significance of the maneuver. However, I believe from my own experience and years of not doing it, as well as the results of this poll show that the Forward Loop is in fact the "bench mark aerial maneuver." Many spend their entire windsurfing "lifetime" never attempting it and that is what makes this aerial trick so special. Yet it is amazing that once the mental barrier is broken, throwing forwards seems so much easier than many, if not most, other windsurfing tricks. Its a true enigma within the realm of windsurfing.

This week's poll asks what you would like to see more of on this blog. I added a new widget last week with the Tropical Report feed now that hurricane season is underway, but would like your input on additional stuff you would like to see on OBX Beach Life. Cast your vote!

Also, some photos from this past Sunday during Day One of TS Barry at the Cove. I received these photos today from Keith, and it looked quite awesome!
Photographer: Pete Lewando
click to enlarge
Keith M on the face ready to make the turn at the Cove

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Keith M riding in the whitewater at the Cove


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