SW Afternoon Sesh at Ego Beach

storm clouds rolling in late day - click to enlargeSW winds ramped up again today across the OBX. From about 3:00pm until dusk, the winds hovered in the 25 mph range. I decided to trek to Avon to meet the crew there. The swell had subsided from the past two days, and Keith called with the report that it was breaking about chest high at Ego Beach, across from the Canadian Hole. I finished a work related software build, and was off the clock and heading south around 4:20pm. I arrived at Ego around 5:30pm and was on the water soon afterwards. I rigged 5.3m for the ocean side session where set waves were breaking about waist to chest high on the outer bar. The surf was much softer than the previous two days, and you really had to hit the critical section to take advantage of any power driven by the wave. Riding therefore was fair, as compared to the past two days. However, it was still fun with plenty of nice hits! Loop festivities were in order and many back and forward spins were tossed.

Dana, Jim, Caleb, Billy (who I have not sailed with in over 10 years), and I enjoyed a near sunset session. Weather rolled in just before sunset, and we all packed it in as the heavy storm clouds approached.

Onsite Video Report:

More photos from today:
Unfortunately no ocean side photos, since I did not take my camera to scout the break. I arrived late, so I simply rigged!

Caleb and Jim at work on that stuck mast. We finally did get it apart after I joined in for the three man twist.

Andy with a nice Vulcan at Canadian Hole.

Jim derigging after another fun SW day on the OBX!


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