Cold SW Wind, What's Up With That?!

Caught a juiced SW 5.3m sunset sesh at Salvo Ramp yesterday. It was a fun time, though there was minimal surf yet lots of loop ramps on the outside. Air temp/wind conditions yesterday were quite unique. Normally, strong SW wind ensures warm air temps; however, yesterday 26+ mph SW winds offered only upper 40 degree air?! I sailed in my heavy 5/4mm suit with the vest/hood combo (best purchase I made in 2009!), though I left the gloves and booties in the truck. Water temps hovered in the upper 40s, perhaps low 50s. I was comfortable, though my hands were numb most of the session unless I dipped them into the water to "warm" up.

It was great to finish work, run down to Salvo, drive out onto the beach, rig up, sail out into the ocean, and watch the sun set while on the water. The only missing piece was the warm air (warm water would be nice too!). Ah..., until June...!


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Have you seen the sea surface temps???? If you had driven another 10 minutes down the road you would have been in 60+ degree ocean water!! Wow!

Glad you got on it... I got stuck on house chore duty... which was fine, 'cuz I caught a 4.2 sesh in the AM!! Looks like more this weekend!!


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