World Class Wavesailing Conditions - Pea Island Near Oregon Inlet!

UPDATE: Yana's pics are up, check them out!

Well, its been a whirlwind weekend and I just fired up the computer this morning. Between Friday's windsurfing, to my quick trip to Harrisburg, PA for a "bachelor night out" (a buddy of mine getting married later this spring), and back over 3 days, its been a long ride! The weekend began Friday with an excellent OBX wavesailing forecast, and delivery with strong SW winds and phenomenal side-off conditions at the parking lot about 4 miles south of Oregon Inlet Bridge on Pea Island. Friday, the ocean served up an excellent south swell which was firing across the islands! The northern beaches had cleaner conditions, while down in Avon, it was a wilder ride (see Andy's latest video!). I scoped the entire stretch from Coquina down to Ramp 34 in Avon, as I had to get down there to pick up a new boom at Avon Sailhouse. After checking conditions in Avon, I decided to return north, as the ocean looked much cleaner up near Oregon Inlet. I stopped at a number of spots while driving north...Salvo Ramp, S-Turns, Caleb's Secret Spot, and finally settled near Oregon Inlet. With each point I checked while heading north, the ocean looked cleaner, and when I reached the spot where I rigged, it was perfect, clean long line, side-off head to overhead high sets!

Caleb joined me, along with Billy M on the kite rig and we had an excellent time riding fun surf! Water conditions was cold (around 48 degrees), however with 75 degree air and bright sunshine, I was out with no gloves or booties, though the cap worked well to keep the head warm if I took a spin in the rinse cycle.

The pure wavesailing was top notch OBX side-off. Perfect three to four wave sets rolled in with a distinguishable takeoff located just south of the parking lot. Ride down the line with a few turns and kick out into the "channel" for an easy run back to the outside. An excellent wave conveyor belt, and primo surf conditions!

Recommendation: If Avon looks like it did Friday with a heavy south swell and "weird inside" conditions, drive north to Pea Island, near Oregon Inlet. I was amazed at the difference, and the excellent wavesailing conditions found up there! The bars are firing there this year!

Photos were shot, and I await posting from Yana as she was shooting the session. Will let you know when she posts them up!

PS: Its blowing hard SW again today?! Will that spot just south of Oregon Inlet be firing again today?!


At 7:48 PM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

nice pics Bill. Next time your passing by my neck of the woods, stop in for a visit!

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that wipe out sequence led to a huge swim that left me totally gassed.i body surfed 2 waves in before i realized my gear was behind me!... leaving bill with all the glory to himself!bill gets my vote for the session spot pick award...

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous long island girl said...

this is an interesting adventure. great pictures too. we'll have my vacation trip maybe next week with my family.


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