Its Been a While...

First off, its my first Father's Day!!!

Since both my previous post and my last planing wave sesh! A combination of technical issues, and lack of sailable wind/wave combo kept me off the OBX Beach Life blogging wagon for a while. On the tech side, my laptop and DSL modem both died, though I now have a new desktop rocket (Velocity Micro Edge Z55 Loaded!!) and DSL modem. While on the windsurfing side, finally today, north winds ramped up in Nags Head, and I caught the sweet spot of the wind window for some side-on in town action! Following two previous slog sessions earlier this week where I was literally knee deep and near dead in the water, today's ramp up was a refreshingly juiced ocean ride, even if it was side-on. Conditions were small but building in the waist to chest high range. Water temps were in the 70s and felt great! North wind hovered in the upper 20mph range and I was wound on the 5.3m and 76 ltr combo. I sailed at the beach access across from BrewThru Jr near Jockey's Ridge, and caught some fun backside hits and a few delayed fwds! The sesh lasted about an hour as the wind began to fade. A few downwinding kiters were also out to catch it; though they sailed by after I was back on the beach. Other then the beachside vacationing spectators, I was solo out there on a windsurfing rig.

I did not shoot any photos since I was anxious to rig and get out there as the sand blew knee high. Though here is a shot from yesterday at the Washout. The surf earlier this week was quite fun; however, the wind never really hit sailable strength oceanside to ride it. I tried two sessions, but both times simply had no power in the ocean, even on my "big" kit (5.3m/88 ltr)!


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Glad to hear you've been getting out there! Hopefully you surfed when the wind was light??

Happy Father's Day!

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first Fathers Day. I rode bikes with my 6 year old son to the Jockey's Ridge Soundside Beach on Sunday and must have just missed you. I was surprised at the number of people who seen me with my son there and said "Happy Fathers Day".


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