Its Summer... Time to Go Topless!!

Well, its June 1, and over the weekend my summer time transition for the 1988 4runner is complete. The hard top has been removed ready for the hot open air days of OBX summer! Included are a couple of pics of how I remove the top with a rigging system I hooked up in my garage. Makes it quite easy for myself to remove or replace the top!

In windsurfing report news, Friday and Sunday offered some fun late afternoon/early evening SW wind! Dano and I caught it at Ramp 27 on Friday night for a sunset sesh. Small surf, but a few fun wave hits were found along with warm water and trunks only. Sunday, SW returned and I caught it at Salvo Ramp (23). Not much in the way of surf; however, there was a swell out there but high tide was in place and kept the good stuff at bay. Both days were powered by the Quatro Wave 76 and MauiSails 5.3m Legend, with wind speed hitting low to mid 20 mph range. Fun times, and definite Hatteras Summer conditions! I posted onsite pics using the Twitter TwitPics located in the right side bar of this blog (located under the Facebook badge). Stay tuned to the Twitter feed for on-the-beach reports and photos of conditions "now!"

Regarding summer OBX windsurfing/wavesailing, all eyes will be looking for a classic June Bermuda High forecast! If one locks in place, we can expect many days of solid afternoon SW wind, and plenty of action in the 5.3m and down rig sizes! If surf is forecast as well, definite bonus material! The Hatteras Wave Jam 2009 continues, and the Summer Edition focuses on the Bermuda High. Stay tuned for the next event window which will be scheduled based upon an upcoming BH forecast! Want to come out and hit it with us?! Be sure to sign up for the event! Also, if you cannot make it, but would still like one of the killer t-shirts, be sure to see the merchandise page for online ordering!


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