Ramp 27 Wavesailing and the Triple S on Friday!!

Finally, a return of summer-time excellent surf and wind conditions on the OBX! What a finale day for the Real Kiteboarding Triple S Invitational which held its wave expression session at Ramp 27 on Friday afternoon. I headed down there to check the Ramp following the last awesome wavesailing sesh we had there during the Spring Edition of the Hatteras Wave Jam. As I approached the turnoff to Ramp 27, I was surprised to see numerous kites in the air, and a ton of cars in the parking lot. Lots of spectators and photographers/videographers were on the beach to catch the action for the Triple S. The set waves looked sweet in the chest to slightly overhead range, SW winds hovered in the 4.7m range, sunny skies prevailed; thus, I decided to hit it upwind of the event area in the ocean! When I first launched there were around 4 kiters in the surf, but as the session continued, about 20 riders packed the zone.

The top international kiteboarders attended the Triple S, and were on the water ripping. It was an awesome day and all lenses were on the riders sharing the surf. All in all, everyone had a great time, and I even called on a few riders, while packing up for the day, to help me break loose a stuck mast!

There will likely be a ton of photos/videos up from the sesh as it was quite good. Stay tuned to Real Kiteboarding's coverage of the event, along with the kite forums and other related web sites. I posted a few TwitPic shots of the sesh yesterday. See the latest OBX Beach Tweets located in the right side bar.


At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno, wasn't there to catch the vibe, but do you suppose maybe with a scheduled international KITEBOARDING event going on, that it might have been a good day to go find another break for windsurfing??

At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

droped in from 30.looked like fun>


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