Sunday Warmth, Though a Bust for Wind

Well, we did have some warmth today during a one hour window after heavy morning rains ended and blue skies prevailed a little after 12:00pm. Air temps rocketed toward the upper 60s and it felt great outside. Winds were forecast to be marginal, but that is fair game for the Tempo 92, so I headed south to Coquina Beach. As I entered South Nags Head, a heavy marine fog layer formed, and brought visibility down considerably. Air temps also fell off into the mid/upper 50s as the sunshine was blocked by the fog. When I arrived at Coquina, the fog remained, and the wind was nil, but the surf from what I could see, looked great! Too bad the water is so cold since this likely was the cause of the heavy fog/wind killer. At mid-day, as the rains moved out, and skies cleared, the radiant heating bumped up air temps. However, with the near freezing 37 to 44 degree sound water, the fog formed. Coupled with the SSW wind, the fog blow across the islands bringing visibility down, and killing the wind.

All in all, I guess when we have air this warm yet water soooo cold, the mix just does not work. Oh well, looks like the long term forecast is back to normal air temps and with a lot of yellow stars on the models for this coming week, perhaps we will yet have some warming water along with wave sailable conditions?! Nothing like trying to catch some enjoyable winter wavesailing on the OBX!

Here is my one shot from Coquina. I could not see the outer bar, but when the sets came in, the whitewater appeared out of the fog. Shorepound and current was quite mild today...too bad the wind was non-existent!


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Same story from down south, but add in a massive amount of shorepound and current!

Ken said that he caught a rainy morning sesh at the Hole, lit up on a 4.4- So it wasn't a total bust, you just had to be a bit motivated to get out there in the weather!

At 9:55 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

i was afraid of that. southerlies in the middle of winter are a tough combo to make work. it cranked up here all day, but i made the mistake of watching the cowboys-

At 9:56 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

ps-its crankin NW right now (monday morn). gonna run down to Lewes.


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