Introducing the AHD SeaLion

The AHD SeaLion 7'6" has arrived! This is the first time this light air wavesailing SUP has experienced the Hatteras Atlantic! The SeaLion along with a 10'6" Nah Skwell Nose Rider Stroller SUP cousin arrived today just in time for Hatteras Wave Jam next week! The SeaLion is specifically designed for very light air wavesailing. The fish hull design is conducive for maneuverability on a wave additionally complemented by the twin fins.

Today was my first time on the SeaLion, and I had a blast out in the small surf this evening in Nags Head. Winds were SSE in the 5 to 12 mph range and with the 4.5m 2011 MauiSails Legend the setup worked great for catching the side onshore surf. The board was quite stable at 135 ltrs and I had no trouble maneuvering it within the surf zone. The wide and fully padded deck made it nice to move around the board to adjust weight while working a wave.  The board turned with ease and I was able to get a few nice lip hits when they presented themselves in the waist high surf. Traversing white water was no problem as the board floated nicely with a solid weight shift to the back of the board. I do need a few more sessions to dial in the SeaLion, but the FUN factor will be high as this board allows the ability to wavesail surf when the wind is near non-existent. I am definitely looking forward to the first side-off sesh with longer period swell and light wind! In this environment the SeaLion should really roar!

The SeaLion as well as the Nah Skwell 10'6" will be available for demo at Hatteras Wave Jam, especially if the wind is light and the surf is good!

Here are some photos of the board from today!

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At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Andres said...

Hey Bill,

Excellent, glad to see you got the Sea Lion. I have been following the Sea Lion blog and have actually been thinking about buying the board. It also works as an SUP and surfboard. Here's the blog (it's in French though) which has some cool pictures and videos:


Would love to demo it at Wave Fest.


At 9:41 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Cool! Yea, it will definitely be available for anyone to take it out for a spin in the surf! Though, if we are competing on SUPs during Wave Jam, whoever takes it out will have to not be in my heat! : )

At 10:44 AM, Blogger James Lilley said...

I'm sure you'll love the Sea Lion. I have an 8.5 foot RRD Wassup, which has some of the same features/possibilities. Looking forward to seeing how it works for you--and to learning more about the fine art of light wind wavesailing!


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