Live OBX Beach Life Video Broadcasts!

Last night, I was surfing the applications available for my HTC Incredible and found an interesting live streaming video app called Bambuser. The application provides a platform to broadcast live streaming video feeds from the phone. This capability will allow for live OBX Beach Life condition reports when I am out checking the surf or the wind! We will definitely be using Bambuser for Hatteras Wave Jam! See the Bambuser feed in the left sidebar just below "Featured Advertising."

Now, you will see live video broadcasts from the beach! Very cool.


At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry bill,picture quality is dismal.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Yea, its running off the 3G network when out on the beach, therefore there is loss of quality as it auto adjusts depending upon signal.

However, the visual is not too bad given the ability to "live broadcast" and the audio/perspective comes though nicely. Plus, given that is comes directly off the HTC Incredible, there is no hardware required other than the smartphone. Quick and easy to run a broadcast!

All in all, its a cool feature and as I work with it, I may announce a daily "live broadcast" time for visitors to know when to tune in to see the live report. Following the live broadcast, the report will remain online for follow up viewing. Ahhh, modern tech!


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