Been a Long Time...

I am still here, alive and well!  :)

My previous post was dated mid October, and it has been a long time.  Basically, there really has not been too much memorable action on my part over the past month and a half to report on.  Additionally, with our new little dude in the family, the pre-dawn wake up calls definitely wear on and affect those afternoon possible runs south for a few waves and wind.   Often the little guy is asleep under my desk during the afternoons as I work on coding algorithms.  Interesting a fellow dad recently mentioned to me:  "One little one is an adjustment, two is a game changer!"  Well, two at this age definitely has an impact..., I am just glad that the beach is only about a mile away even if it is not a prime wavesailing spot (prime wavesailing is about 15 min away! :) )

All in all though, OBX Fall 2011 has actually been relatively good (as seen on reports posted on the OBX Beach Life Forum from the crew down in Avon, and Wind-NC's Facebook page) when we had cooler NE opportunities; however, the warm south wind ops have been lacking, at least for wind velocity.  The sessions I have make it out for have been all SeaLion rides which has been quite fun, but the dry Quatro Wave Twin is hungry for some water time.

Favorable forecasts continue with cool/cold NE stars on WindGuru and a day or two of "teaser" S wind days as we end the year.  Hopefully, I will add a Dec warm sesh to the calendar, though an upcoming cold spell simply means loading the full suit, hood, and booties.  Though, the 4runner remains topless and I should get that back on before the next "cold" sesh!


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He's alive.....


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