Get Yourself One of These, SeaLion 2012!

The 2012 Hatteras windsurfing season is about to kick off!  Actually, given the mild winter, for some it really never ended between 2011 and 2012.  Though, as northern locations in New England and Canada remain frozen, the trek will begin soon to find warm weather and water here on the OBX.

A hot ticket phenomenon last year was wavesailing SUPs to take advantage of light air surf conditions.  A leader in that arena is the AHD Sealion for its aggressive shape and agility on a wave when winds are below 10 knots.  I had a TON of fun last summer riding the Lion in everything from knee high outside nuggets, to logo high bombs kicked up by tropical action.  In the scope of all of 2011, I actually spent more time on the SeaLion than any other board in my inventory, including my trusty Quatro 92 Wave Twin (Tempo)!  

For 2012, AHD has expanded the SeaLion line to include the new SeaLion Pro.  This board offers the same outline and length dimensions as the Classic; however, volume has been shaved off in board thickness.  Thus, the Pro offers 115 ltrs of light air wave magic and intended for riding in bigger surf conditions.  I am especially looking forward to trying this ride out, as last year during tropical season in bigger surf, more control would have been nice in the top turns.  The reduced volume should help improve control of the board throughout the ride on a larger wave.

All in all, stay tuned and of course, if you are interested in this board, the Classic, or even the XL, send me an email (See SeaLion Rep box in upper left corner of this blog)!  Demo and rental opportunities available!

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At 10:44 AM, Blogger Relax said...

SUP sailing/paddling has really added to my beach experience. My current equipment goal is to find the smallest sailable SUP that I can realistically paddle. Small should translate to more maneuverability with and without a sail and less carnage when I go down in the surf, especially with a rig attached. That said, I'm currently loving my 10'5" STBD Drive and am in no real hurry to leave it behind.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this looks super kool. I think it will make a fun day out of just about all small days. cant wat to try it !!!!
12kiteboarding Georg


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