Spring is Here, Or Has Winter Never Arrived?!

We may be in the "winter" months; however the weather and air/water temps have remained "mid-March"-like since December 2011!  What a contrast to the winter of 2011 where we were locked in a deep freeze starting Dec 1, 2010 and thawing around late March 2011.  This year however, has been a complete opposite, and for the windsurfing opportunities, it has been fantastic!

Andy down at Wind-NC has been catching most of it, keeping his game on par for the upcoming regular season.  Weekend warriors have been here to hit it, while some of the local crew have been off the water due to injuries as well as "little dudes" maintenance.  Now that March is here though, we begin the true "Spring" Hatteras windsurfing season and the influx of New England and Canadian plates is soon to arrive!  Welcome!!

Fortunately, those coming down will be greeted to warmth and wind!  The sound water is surprisingly mild due to the warm winter and the ocean, though cold on the east facing beaches, has its Gulf Stream pockets of warmth touching key wave spots.  All in all, its looking to be a very good Spring season!

Additionally, we have windsurfing events happening in 2012 that will rock the islands like no other year!  Of course the BIG Event is the 2012 American Windsurfing Tour and its Hatteras stop, Hatteras Wave Jam!  The Jam is set for Sept 12 - 15, and will feature top international wavesailing pros mixing it up in the Hatteras Atlantic at peak wave season!  Additionally, there will be the full gambit of competition, as well as parties, clinics, cookouts, movies, and all sorts of FUN!  Definitely a week not to miss in Avon!

This Spring we have the Makani Fins OBX Clinics in April.  The clinics will feature world class freestyle and celebrity pros Tyson Poor and Wyatt Miller.

Windfest will also be here in late April, held down at Frisco Woods Campground!  Windfest is the longest running annual Hatteras event and will feature all sorts of soundside fun!

All in all, 2012 is shaping up to be an excellent windsurfing year in Hatteras!  Lets hope for a wavy summer season with decent SSW wind.  A repeat of conditions similar to 2005 would be excellent to prep us all for Wave Jam in Sept!

PS:  this weekend is going to FIRE!  Who is going to be here?!


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bring it on


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