Hatteras Nukin Reef RUN!

Ever been out to the Hatteras Reef in 40+ mph winds?!

Ken K and I ventured out there, Friday, April 6 from the "Power Station" beach launch just north of Avon (note requires a permit to drive out there).  Skies were gloomy with spitting rain, limited visibility and lots of N wind on the water.  I rigged 3.7m with the 75lt LS Quad for the venture out.

The Reef is located about 4 miles out in the Pamilico Sound off Avon.  It is a very noticeable sand bar which produces sizable "onshore" breaking surf created by the long clean fetch flowing down the sound.  From micro chop flat water on the ride out, to rolling swell and breaking white water lines at the Reef itself, it kind of reminds me of a mini Cove setup where at the Reef, there are spaced white water lines, and as you approach the outside, larger steeper wave faces/swells foster perfect ramps for big jumps and loops.

One key point about a Reef Run though is confidence in your equipment, especially when it is blowing side/side offshore at 40 mph!  A breakdown over 4 miles off Avon, even in the sound can be a harrowing experience, especially with winds blowing the fetch SSW towards the mainland.  With a 40 mile expanse of water, it could be an experience similar to being lost in the Atlantic!  No worries though, as Ken and I made it out super lit on the small gear, caught some fun jumps, backside wave rides, and a few loops, and safely made it back to dry beach.

All in all, definitely recommend a "Hatteras Reef Run" for those days when its literally Nukin (40+ mph winds) and your gear is top notch for a wild Hatteras B&J ride!

Sorry, no pics as the weather was quite gloomy and we did not have a GoPro with us.  If you have been out there before though in 3.5m weather, you can probably visualize the experience!

Here's Ken's perspective as reported by George at L2S.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

Yes, I had preview of this post from Ken, see www.live2sail.blogspot.com for Ken’s perspective. Definitely can picture the sesh, and sure wish I was there that day. Ahhhhhhh Hatteras.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Fish said...

I've done one of these before, probably about 15 years ago or so... but never since. Your quad is probably the best choice, since if I remember right, when it is blowing like stink out there, it gets damn shallow in spots. I think I ran aground twice with a 9" wave fin. Stopping dead in your tracks is pretty nasty, especially out there in the middle of no where!

Was it blowing from the south? Maybe that means it isn't quite as bad as from the north?

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Actually it was blowing from the north. Nearly from due north. Yea, the quad worked great out there, at least this time of year when there are no weeds in the sound.

However, I much prefer the quad on the other side of Rt 12! :)

Yea, for conditions out at the Reef on that day, the quad actually worked well for those "sound-side" waves!

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

have had a blast out there on 5.8 days, 40+ would be a little nerve wracking that far out. especially since i have slogged all the way back staying with a sailing partner with a broken boom, took a long time back to HISS, which i think is the closest launch to the reef. part of the HI lore for sure.


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