Saturday SUP Sesh at Conch St, Nags Head!

This past Saturday, we saw a fun easy SE swell in the water off Nags Head. Soft crumbly waves on the sand bar offered long rights and with water temps in the 70s it was perfect for some ocean time. Sam F came in from the Raleigh area, and Kieth M and crew came up from Avon to ride SUPs both with sail and without. A fairly strong S to N current was in the water Saturday so it made it hard to light air wave sail since the wind was SSE and quite light. Mainly, you simply traveled north with the current while not really making much progress out. I ended up trying the SeaLion Pro as a prone paddle surf board.

As a prone paddling surfboard, the Pro worked surprisingly well! I was able to catch waves early similar to the takeoff of a long board; however, the Pro offered a snappier ride on the wave while going down the line as compared to a standard long board. Also, the prone paddle was quite fast given the buoyancy and lightweight of the Pro compared to a standard surfboard. All in all, quite fun and a great additional offering for riding the Sealion!

Here are a few snaps from the session featuring Ian and his wife Shyloh catching a few waves!  Photographer:  Keith M


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