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Yesterday, as a return visit to the blog, I did some gardening of links and other info to clean up and also add a few new additions.  Key is that I myself, when first started the blog, wanted one web site I could visit to get the latest/current info on OBX surf and wind conditions including live video.

The right sidebar found here has two key sections for that info:
  • Weather Links
  • OBX Web Cams
These two sections are where I visit every morning to gauge the day and upcoming forecast for the likelihood of trying for an extended lunch break or cash in of some "honey chips" (married visitors know what I am talking about).  Also, on the left side, the Jeannette's Pier live wind widget is key for that quick look at what it is blowing now in Nags Head (only free IWindsurf wind gauge on OBX for all to see).  

In the live web cam section, the Surfline Abalone St cam is excellent for a view of what conditions are like in Nags Head near the new Bonnet St bath house, and the Avon HD cam is my favorite for a look at Askins Creek on south side of Avon.  Looks like a nice surf break there too this year!

Finally, for a trip down memory lane, check out the Blog Posts Calendar!  Posts as far back as 2006 tell a story of this little period of OBX windsurfing history spanning 10+ years!  Note, some of the photo and video content may be missing due to changes in hosts over the years, but much also remains intact.

Well, back to the office... at least until the late morning revisit to check conditions from links found here!     


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