SW Winds Today

IWS wind sensors were all over the map today as SW winds rose and then fell though the afternoon. At some points averages were in the mid 20s with gusts pushing 30mph! I guess you had to be at the right spot at the right time to catch it. From crew reports throughout the day, it sounded like some road sailing sessions were had, at least in my case.

I did capture these shots though of conditions at the first parking lot south of Oregon Inlet Bridge. Dana M. rigged big and caught a few of the waist to chest high surf.

Nice set wave breaking on the bar...wish we had wind!

Dana M. heading out after a ride though the inside.

Charlie with Homer as he digs another hole in the sand

The sand fencing used to keep the dunes in place along Rt 12 south of Oregon Inlet Bridge. Though, when we do see sand blowing across the road, then it will likely NOT be a road sailing session..!


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