Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results:
What is your favorite time of year to visit the OBX ??
Spring (Mar - May): 14 votes (54%)
Fall (Sept - Nov): 8 votes (31%)
Summer (Jun - Aug): 0 votes (surprising!)
Honorable Mention: "Doesn't matter I like to visit any time I can."

Looks like the favorite time of year is Spring for visiting blog viewers. I was surprised there was no Summer votes, and there were nearly twice as many Spring votes as compared to Fall. Though, the excellent wind conditions this Spring make this time of year hard to vote against!

My favorite time of year is Fall since the water is warm, we usually have waves, and I am well seasoned from windsurfing and surfing during the previous Spring and Summer. I guess the "summer" crowd has not found this blog yet, or perhaps they remain focused on the real estate blogs/forums when planning OBX trips.

This week's blog poll focuses on your favorite windsurfing style. We all love this sport, what is your "cup of tea?"


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