Sealion Sunday!

Summer is approaching along with warm ocean water, SW afternoon thermals, and FUN surf! The perfect wavesailing answer to meet that summer fix is the AHD Sealion!   The Sealion is the guarantee wavesailing session provider for those trips to the beach!

Yesterday, we had a touch of summer conditions on the OBX with warm southerly winds in the upper teens to around 20, warm ocean water in the mid-60s pushing 70 degrees (must have been from the sound water vacating O Inlet), and bright sunny skies with warm 80 degree air temps. (see yesterday's Bambuser report!)

I had the Sealion loaded along with my Tempo 92. The surf looks quite fun averaging solid waist to chest high on the sets with a solid ENE swell in the water. Clean side offshore wind made for butter smooth wave faces and general water conditions. I started on the Sealion and caught wave after wave at a good spot just north of Ramp 3 between Oregon Inlet and Coquina Beach. Keith McCulloch joined me later in the afternoon as Ramp 30 was feathering as high tide approached and was not really breaking. He had a go at the Sealion and caught some fun waves too while the wind hovered around 10 mph!

All in all, the Sealion is an excellent light air wavesailing insurance sesh provider, and with summer approaching it will be the board to catch those light air surf days when you "wished you could be out there!" The 2011 Sealion arrived here a few weeks ago and I have it ready to ride as well as demo/rent. Of course, if you are interested in purchasing the Sealion, contact me. I am a US East Coast Rep for the Sealion along with the NahSkwell SUPs!

Here are a few pics snapped with my phone of Keith catching a few waves along with some images of the 2011 Sealion. Keep an eye out for Keith riding the Sealion down on Hatteras Island when conditions are light and the surf is FUN!


At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

Hey Bill - I came across an old post of yours about beach camping. We have a 4X4 truck and were looking to sleep on the beach over Memorial Day weekend. Is this possible nowadays with updated restrictions, etc? If so, where?

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Hey Mike,

Yea, overnight beach camping is definitely not as easy as it used to be. I would not recommend it, especially over Memorial Day weekend since technically it is not allowed by the NPS. Perhaps in the late Fall or early Spring when traffic in the park is minimal, but Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year.

Daytime "beach camping" though is totally game, and if you are sleeping out there during the daylight hours, its all good!


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